Load Board Guide

Freight Matching Community

The trucking industry has various carriers and brokers with different roles. A broker's role is to find freight and match it with trucks which will carry it to the desired destination. Though this seems the simplest task, there is a challenge with connecting the two groups, those with freight and those with trucks. Brokers and carriers used to work together in building a business network. There was an agreement where carriers could pick and deliver the freight safely and within the stipulated time. The carriers could also be paid well for the job. The network was built on trust, and it was very effective. Though it was effective, it took a lot of costs.

With the internet revolution and technology, people have been looking for information on various things on the internet, purchasing and auctioning items and services. The biggest advantage is how it saves time. After a while, there came another means, loadboards. These were internet websites where companies could advertise their freight and trucks with other transporters in the transportation community. It helped to save time and money as companies built business networks. Visit this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/01/health/improve-truckers-health-partner/index.html and learn more about trucking.

With the advancement in loadboard, so many companies could join as a community, but the problem of dealing with many companies and their identity arose. A company could not know which company it was doing business with among the many. This brought down the trust on delivering the freight and worries on payments. This destroyed the trust that was there between brokers and carriers, and they began using various social media platforms to connect with the community of transporters. These social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn started allowing people to connect, develop and built the trust between them.

This combination of the social media platforms and powerful load board technology is the best in creating a community of trusted business networks. This has given birth to the best and new system- Freight Matching Community. It brings together the power of freight matching technology and the efficiency of social media networking.

Users of this technology create various groups and post their extra freight and trucks in these private groups. The brokers and carriers who are well- known will then find the posts and provide the services of matching and transportation. Should the business person who posted fail to find a match in these private groups, he or she can post it in a larger group that entails the whole community. This can be done, and even other users from the public freight matching can be involved without the fear of deliverance failures. This is the best wave of loadboard technology in waiting. It will boost your business and create a big connection for you. Know about trucking invoice factoring here!